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September 18, 2009
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“ This music…is horrible…what are they even saying?!” Jace hollered at Magnus, covering his ears. “Quit complaining, I said every breed of female, that includes the ones who want to be dead. Living dead, technically.” Magnus said.

Alec was staring at his best friend in amusement. He had a fake black streaks in his normally golden hair and was wearing all black. Black skinny jeans with chains all over it and a tight black shirt with a torn leather jacket. “Alec, tell your boyfriend I look stupid.” Jace said, messing with the earring in his ear.

“You goth-tastic my dark friend.” Alec chuckled, covering his mouth. Jace glared at him, mock laughing. “Keep it up and the free beer will not be shared.” Alec gasped. “You wouldn’t!” Jace smirked and stalked into the crowd without another word.

“This place is sick.” Jace said feeling ridiculous as he slid next to a girl. The girl had dark purple hair and piercing in her eyebrows. “Who are you?” She said in a bored voice. “Jace.” He mimicked her voice. “Awesome name, I’m Danika. And this place sucks.” She said. “Want to get out of here?” Jace took his golden opportunity. “What the hell. Sure.”


“Ella, Fiona, Gizelle.” Jace said happily, smacking the numbers down on the table. Magnus smiled up at him, his newly pierced lip shining. “What are you? Prince Charming? Stalking fairy princess?” Jace snorted, “The ladies do say I have,” he flipped his hair dramatically, “a striking resemblance to the fair-haired hero.”

Alec snorted and began chugging his drink. “Oh yes, because your get-up is so shiny.” He said. Jace looked down at the silvery button down he was wearing and frowned. “I told you I looked like a disco ball.” Jace said to Magnus. “You look fab-u-lous darling.”


“Alright, Jace, your doing good. You’ve got all up to R so far. Time for S.” Alec slapped his shoulder as Jace bounced around. “Do you even remember H through R?” Magnus asked, extremely bored. Magnus was only preoccupied by something for so long. “Hannah, Imogen, Jackie, Katie, Laura, Marnie, Naomi, Odette, Paige, Quin and Rachelle.” Jace said happily.

“123, ABC, baby you and me!” Alec hummed. Jace snickered. “Wasn’t Imogen your grandma’s name?” Magnus asked, spinning a quarter on the table. “Yes, now imagine how that date went.” Jace said shuddering and walked into the crowd.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Jace whispered into a girl’s ear on the dance floor. “Cassie.” She said with a smile. Jace frowned and walked away without a word. “Jerk!” She shouted. “Looking for a Staci?” A girl whispered in his ear as he walked.
He turned around to see a dark haired girl with wide blue eyes coated in eyeliner. “In fact I am.” He said, turning fully around. “Well I’m leaving but,” she slipped something into his hand.

“You can call me.” She whispered into his ear. Her finger trailed down his neck, sending a small shiver down his spine. With that she walked out of the club. “Jace?” A voice called out. He turned glancing in the crowd. “Oh Rachelle. Hi.” He said, nervously rubbing his hands together.

“You never called.” She said frowning. Rachelle was from France, her hair was dark brown and she had wide green eyes with a smidge of an accent. “We just went out two days ago.” Jace said, smiling. “Well you could have called.” She said, crossing her arms.

“Hey there gorgeous, we got to go.” Magnus said, walking up and swinging an arm over Jace’s shoulders. “Wait, your gay?” Rachelle said in shock. “What?! No! No! This is a friend, just a friend.” Jace flung Magnus’s arm back. “How quickly you dismiss our love.” He winked he cat eye at Rachelle and began dragging him away.

“Magnus Bane! What is your problem!?” Jace cursed. “Jace Herondale! My problem is that she was R. No going backwards because you like dessert.” Magnus cackled as he slid into a cab. “Well come on. The yellow chariot doesn’t wait forever.” Alec bumped Jace into the cab.

“Sometimes I hate your boyfriend.” Jace pouted, crossing his arms. “Sometimes I hate your girlfriends.” Alec shrugged. Jace stared at Alec, waiting. “Like…all of them.”
OK, I know I skipped a few but they will come and play peek a boo later! don't worry! Did anyone else begin drooling on their computer at the thought of Jace in Goth clothes?? i mean, come on! Even if you don't like goths, Jace in tight jeans is YUM!

haha its my birthday so you should comment! go! yes, you!
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